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The Pain Beneath

God gave me a visual relevant to our Christian walk that I want to share with you today. He showed me a carton of eggs. On the surface they looked perfect. You know how that is. You open the lid, check to see none of the eggs are broken, and go about your shopping. But days later when you decide to use one of the eggs, you grasp hold and it won't come out of the carton. Because underneath, the egg was cracked, and it had leaked into the Styrofoam cup. The damage was beneath the surface, well out of view, and that damage left alone, caused the egg to go bad. Next, God showed me a basket of strawberries. At our local flea market, they line the berries up in neat rows, each basket looking the same, and all the berries on the top juicy and pristine. Yet many times, once you get home, there's a strawberry on the bottom that's old, mushy, and sometimes, growing white fuzz. You couldn't see it when you bought it, but it was there all along. Left in place,