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Book Spotlight - All the Angels Stood by Laura J. Marshall

This is the last week in Staci Schofield's life. Her birthday is on Monday, which is also the day she plans to die. Poetic, seeing as her mother disappeared on the night of her own birthday. But when a popular guy from school, Rush, befriends Staci, will her plans change? Rush sees demons clinging to Staci and nothing has worked so far to help her. What will make a difference in her life? A friend, an intercessor? How do you help someone move from 'take my life' to 'Lord, preserve me'? Excerpt:   School will be out in another two months. Then what will happen? The days would stretch on endlessly, mornings and nights. I couldn’t escape myself. I was there and I was ugly, unloveable. The heat of the day beat on the tracks. I sat on them, feeling the metal and its contours beneath my shorts. I laid my legs out straight, parallel to the wooden ties, then scooted back and let them hang over the track, my butt on the gravel. Was this how it would f

Book Spotlight - Imperfect Cowboy by Suzanne D. Williams

  Cowboy, Gray Sterret, accepted the job at Alabama McCall's ranch unprepared for the scope of the work. The barn is full of swallows, the bunk house crumbling, a mile of fencing down, and her driveway washed in. Worse, she's na├»ve and innocent, things he's not. He's made big mistakes, and she deserves so much better than a man like him. When time together and body heat result in one night together, his self-destruction hits rock bottom. For every bad action he's made, he'll reap ten in return, and no one can fix him. Not two little girls struck by sudden tragedy. Not the beautiful woman with the key to his heart. A faith-searching story of inward struggle by best-selling author, co-creator of THE EDGE, SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS. Excerpt:  Gray’s frustrations rushed out, and he whirled, releasing a grunt. He trailed his gaze around the dilapidated farm. As she’d said, this wasn’t a ranch. It was a house on a few untended acres with a handf

Book Spotlight - Saving Private Benjamin by Cynthia P. Willow

When Jillian Farmer meets Carly Foreman in the pediatrician’s office, she has no idea how her life is about to be forever changed. After tragedy strikes, Jillian feels led to help a motherless child, but not everyone appreciates her help, and Jillian is soon put in the middle of a family feud. Jillian only wants what’s best for Ben, the child she quickly grows to love as her own, but will she make an objective decision, or will her own feelings get in the way of doing what is right? Excerpt:   It seemed like the traffic light would stay red forever. All Carly wanted to do was get home with Ben as quickly as possible. She hated vaccinations, but she knew they were necessary for her baby. “It’s okay, little Ben. Mama’s going to have you home in five minutes…if this light will ever turn…finally! Here we go!” Carly lifted her foot off the brake and placed it on the accelerator. She only lived a couple of miles from the pediatrician’s office. They

Book Spotlight - Fifty Shades of Faithful by Mary C. Findley

  Sam and Vivian Tucker are not exactly conventional Christian marriage counselors. But they do have some life experience with "Song of Solomon marriage". These short stories mix suspense, humor, and romance with advice on relationship troubles. Adultery, bondage, spouse abuse, "things we don't talk about," sibling conflict, and why marriage is a good idea even if you're busy rescuing trafficked children. There is no graphic or explicit content in this book, but there are some eyebrow-raising bits of advice about trust and honesty, playful communication to create desire, and gentle roleplaying within marriage. Cowboys and Indians Punching Bag Happily Ever After A Garden Locked Up Family Package EXCERPT:  Tim called his father’s cell phone. “Dad, I have got to talk to you,” he said. “Son, I’ve been meaning to call you,” his father said uneasily. “We’ve been really busy. Sandy has disappeared.” “She’s what?” Tim demanded. “Th

Spend Summer on The Edge - Giveaway

'Spend Summer on the Edge' - Book Spotlights and Giveaway Featuring The Edge Books .  See our complete listing of books here . Then visit our home page for excerpts running all month long. ENTER below to WIN a $20 Amazon Gift Card and a Kindle Gift Copy of an Edge book of your choice. a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Pain Beneath

God gave me a visual relevant to our Christian walk that I want to share with you today. He showed me a carton of eggs. On the surface they looked perfect. You know how that is. You open the lid, check to see none of the eggs are broken, and go about your shopping. But days later when you decide to use one of the eggs, you grasp hold and it won't come out of the carton. Because underneath, the egg was cracked, and it had leaked into the Styrofoam cup. The damage was beneath the surface, well out of view, and that damage left alone, caused the egg to go bad. Next, God showed me a basket of strawberries. At our local flea market, they line the berries up in neat rows, each basket looking the same, and all the berries on the top juicy and pristine. Yet many times, once you get home, there's a strawberry on the bottom that's old, mushy, and sometimes, growing white fuzz. You couldn't see it when you bought it, but it was there all along. Left in place,