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The Edge

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Book Spotlight - Fifty Shades of Faithful by Mary C. Findley

Sam and Vivian Tucker are not exactly conventional Christian marriage counselors. But they do have some life experience with "Song of Solomon marriage". These short stories mix suspense, humor, and romance with advice on relationship troubles. Adultery, bondage, spouse abuse, "things we don't talk about," sibling conflict, and why marriage is a good idea even if you're busy rescuing trafficked children.

There is no graphic or explicit content in this book, but there are some eyebrow-raising bits of advice about trust and honesty, playful communication to create desire, and gentle roleplaying within marriage.

Cowboys and Indians
Punching Bag
Happily Ever After
A Garden Locked Up
Family Package
Tim called his father’s cell phone. “Dad, I have got to talk to you,” he said.
“Son, I’ve been meaning to call you,” his father said uneasily. “We’ve been really busy. Sandy has disappeared.”
“She’s what?” Tim demanded.
“There was a woman who visited our church last week and again this past Sunday. She was--” Tim could hear his father swallow. “She was very different from the usual visitors. She seemed to take an interest in Sandy. The girl’s been very unhappy, and this woman took her out to dinner, talked to her, made quite a fuss, it seems. She’s even bought her some new clothes, according to Ron and Doris. Then Sandy told them she had a job interview, left yesterday morning, and no one has seen her since.”
“What, they think this woman kidnapped her? Why? Have they called the police?”
“No, no, son, calm down. Sandy has called a couple of times, assured her parents she’s fine – But it’s very unlike her. Very odd. She – uh – Son, I don’t want to start something, here, but she did ask for your email address awhile back.”
“Dad, I’ve been getting some emails,” Tim breathed. “But they couldn’t have been from Sandy. Do you think this woman might be baiting me, trying to get me to meet her, to get something from me because she has Sandy?”

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